Having trouble identifying the R line

Hi there! I have been in Scholars for several months and I am still finding it challenging to identify the R for many of my models. Often I can’t identify what the actual result is or I have a hard time seeing its connection to the T line. I would love some feedback on these 2:

Unintentional –
C: We have planned to hike and it’s raining
T: It should not be raining it will ruin our hike
F: Irritated
A: say I don’t want to go, say it’s not going to be fun, say our plans our ruined, feel anger towards husband (about the weather???), have a negative attitude when we are there
R: The hike is ruined for me

C: We have planned to hike and it’s raining
T: Well this is an added layer of adventure I hadn’t planned
F: Amused
A: Hike in the rain with a positive attitude, have fun with my husband, enjoy our time together, feel glad we went anyway
R: enjoy our rainy adventure

Thank you!