He is so emberassing

So since two days i have these negative thoughts about my bf.. today it escaletad.
He spoke the whole night in an exagerated way. Which i totally dispice and find unattractiv and emberassing!!
I was fueled by so many negative emotions that i was so resentful and even angry.
And he had to experience that and in the same time i feel guilty because i don’t wanna be this girlfriend to him, where he doesnt feel he can be loved when he does something.

My model:
C: boyfriend talked during dinner about things
T: omg, so emberassing, its so unattractiv and unnuturale. So uncool
F: resentful, dispiced, angry
A: saying mean things to him, not being 100% present
R: not being the gf i want to be and suffering

So my question is how can i change these thougts.

Before scs i thought he is just not the right person thats why i cant love him. Sometimes this thought still pops up.
But now i’m still so giving it to these thoughts. I don’t seem to have another choice.
Wouls love some conrete advice on the how to react the next time my thinking dislikes his behaviour

Thanks so much!! Much appreciated