Head all over the place …

My head has been all over the place this afternoon. I woke up and did my Power of Emotions worksheet with the goal to accomplish being positive today by canceling out negative thoughts. I am feeling my emotions and my body is telling me to go lay down and take a break.

Taking some time to get my thoughts out …
1. I’m exhausted
2. I feel pressured to get x,y,z done at work because I need to have all these things to speak to as I go into new job interviews
3. Those things may not even come up in interviews
4. You don’t know when you will have an interview.
5. I need to have interviews right away because I need to get out of this job.
6. I have to get my work done for my 2nd job tonight so I can take the rest of the weekend off.
7. The work for my second job is not due until next week so I really don’t have to get it done tonight.

Where do I even start with a model here?