Headache and brain fog -lp

I am wondering where does a headache and brain fog come into a model? I am starting to notice that when I start to spin out in thoughts that I might be forgetting something or I must have done something wrong (two very recurring thoughts which I am finding really just feed into each other in a loop – I am afraid I did something wrong so I am anxious and then not pay attention and so I miss conversations and am not present and I do actually forget things) that I also get a headache and my shoulders tense up. Would that be an action or a result or how does that fit in?

C: me
T: I probably did something wrong
F: fear
A: worry, obsess, focus on myself and my own self loathing, not focus on providing value, not focus on customers/clients, buffer, procrastinate, avoid people, say nothing, people please/lie, agree to do things I may not otherwise agree to, dissociate, get a headache, create a foggy brain, overspend, undereat, don’t stay on protocol, give up, defer to others, question everything about myself, don’t make decisions, don’t move forward, don’t go after my dreams, don’t have a relationship, don’t make more money, don’t exercise, don’t talk to new people, don’t listen to conversations, forget or miss things
R: I make everything wrong