Hi coaches-

I’ve posted about this in here a few times. I’ve had a consistent headache for 2 months now. There are times when it releases and I feel relief, but I go to bed and wake up and it’s back! I am very sensitive to light and heat and since it’s summer where I am, I haven’t been able to go on walks and I certainly cannot lift weights like I used to. I’ve gained 10 pounds! I eat on protocol, but I think I was so used to moving a lot more, being bedridden means I’ve been gaining some fat and losing some muscle. I’m trying not to beat myself up over the fat gain because I really would rather get this headache thing figured out first before I move on to anything else. Still a bummer though!

I’ve tested negative for COVID, I’ve gotten checked for a brain tumor and a multitude of other things by physicians, I’ve gotten X-rays on my neck by my chiropractor who’s done alignments, I’ve done meditation, I’ve gotten acupuncture, I get massages, I do thought downloads, I take prescription pain medicine, I go to weekly talk therapy and coaching, I take anti-anxiety meds…and still, I only experience minor relief. As you may imagine, this is all getting a little pricey and all-consuming.

As soon as I attempt to step out of my comfort zone and take massive action, it feels like my brain is being blended! No kidding!

I think a big part of the problem may be that I’ve recently made a decision to end my long-term relationship, but my new apartment is not yet ready. I’m moving across the country and still waiting to hear back from a few people in regards to the new apartment, new utilities, my ex taking over the old lease and utilities, movers, my vet about my cat’s anti-anxiety meds (like mother, like cat), and the list goes on. I think this in-between state might be causing me a lot of unconscious worry. I then tell myself “once I’m out of this situation and my new situation is settled, maybe my headache will go away”. Now I’m starting to think that THAT thought might be the reason the headache is sticking around!!!

I don’t have painful or worried thoughts. The headache and my anxiety are my “purse” as Brooke puts it. I’m really just ready to come up with a system on how to carry this around, stop gaining weight, and get out of bed and do stuff. In an ideal world, the headache goes away… but the physical pain is truly beginning to feel out of my control.

Basically, my final question is: perhaps you have some thought suggestions for me? This (what I assume to be tension related) headache is debilitating. If this happens every time I start swimming in the River of Misery after massive action, that would be a bit of a bummer…

I apologize for this being very lengthy and a bit stream-of-conciousness type of question!