Headaches and Tired

Hey there,

So For the past 6 months I’ve been struggling with feeling tired alllll the time.

Doesn’t matter how much I sleep.

I feel the same.

I eat well and walk almost everyday – a lot ! (I’m a health coach)

I do work nights.

But I don’t even think that’s what’s contributing to this because I’ve felt great before.

Ever since I started trying to build this business I feel like I’m just creating all this exhaustion all on my own.

I have headaches as well the bother me.

I feel like I’m creating all this to prevent myself from showing up in the world and getting clients.

Cause I don’t really do much to be tired all the time.

Not sure how common this is or if you’ve worked with people who have gone through this.

I am in this place where I’m trying to believe my new thought.

I used to indulge in doubt and overwhelm (like everyday)

Now I’m practicing and really doing the work for March

But can all that really have that much of an effect here?

Would love your insight and help.

Thank you.