Health Affecting Money

Through a windfall I received a large sum of money. For several years I had everything invested. And then I got seriously ill with a mysterious illness that left me bedridden with vertigo. During that time I had to use this money for treatments, travel to other countries for treatment and full time care for both me and my daughter. I’ve used over 80% of that now, and only recently found my diagnosis… Lyme disease, grateful to know now and am working with a dr. specializing in this. The healing protocols are very expensive (not covered by insurance) and often make patients sicker during the course of treatments, which is currently happening while I’m unable to work at this time… but I know I’ll get better so I’m happy about this!

My question is around which should I focus on… the healing aspect (as this is the reason for not having more $ coming in) or both healing and money? It seems they are so very linked and tied together. I’m quite stressed around my financial situation… and I’m putting extra pressure on myself to get better faster so I can then get back to work on building up my finances again.

I hope this makes sense. Any advice would be awesome!