Health and acceptance

Hi Brooke,

I am struggling with a chronic health condition. I get good days, however, unfortunately, I have alot of bad days, where I am in pain and am very fatigued and have to be in bed, which in turn affects my mood. It affects my relationships, my ability to function, my potential to earn, my carer, my ability to do the things I want to do and blocks me from achieving my goals and being the person I want to be. I am having a hard time accepting this and have inner turmoil and it’s making me sad. I am finding it hard to truly love and approve of myself because of it.

Do you have any advice, where I can help change my thoughts to truly accept it? I understand there is no point causing yourself mental pain when you are in physical pain. I’m just don’t know how yet. When I ‘turn my thoughts around’ I don’t really believe the new, more serving, positive thought. I do try to do the ‘laddering’ and just state the facts, but I don’t feel any closer to feeling better about this. Any help would be much appreciated ! X