I have recently had some blood work done and it was suggested I go and get a brain scan for my pituitary gland. My doctor told me she thinks I may have a growth on that gland. I have researched it and they are mostly benign but my brain is telling me I am the exception and am going to die.

I was feeling fine prior to this and now I am fixed on it. I have gone to the worst case scenario and let my brain go there. I think the problem I am creating for myself is that my childhood was less then ideal and my brain is offering “here we go again” “nothing turns out right for you” “you are destined for disaster”. A lot of reliving my past. I have been trying to work on rewriting my past because my prefrontal cortex can see how I am blessed in many ways and in fact things often do work out for me.

I am hoping for some advice here. My thinking is a) this is normal and will always come up for me and I just have to move through these thoughts-nothing has gone wrong that these thoughts are there b) redirect to my intentional thinking or c) which I have not done is really mourn for that little girl who went through that period—potentially that can create more space here? Thanks in advance.