Health issue part 2

I developed an itchy rash and my doctor prescribed a steroid, prednisone, which works by suppressing the immune system. My concern is that COVID is rampant all around and I am afraid that being on this medication could make me more susceptible to serious illness if I do get COVID (even though I am vaccinated and boosted). Yet I think I really need the prednisone because of the skin condition.

C: I need to take prednisone for rash
T: Because I’m on this medication I could get really sick or even die if I get COVID
F: Afraid
A: Worry, be hyper-vigilant, snap at my kids about being careful with COVID, send them messages I don’t really want to be sending (communicating messages of vulnerability instead of security/scarcity instead of abundance) give this worry a big place in my life which crowds out other things I want to be doing
R: ?

I’m not sure where to go from here.