I have a few chronic health issues that rear their heads from time to time. I consistently have thoughts that I brought them on myself. While food, activity, and medication protocols do help, sometimes it just happens even if I’ve been compliant. Currently this is a painful bout of diverticulitis necessitating antibiotics. Appreciate your perspective on my models.
C diverticulitis flare
T I don’t take care of myself, I should have done xyz differently,
F frustrated
A buffer in self pity, worry about finances from missed work, make grande plans to ensure this will NEVER happen again, etc
R I feed the cycle my brain likes to run in that I’m not good at taking care of my body, make short lived changes that are unreasonable long term

C flare
T I’m learning to take good care of myself
F kind of stuck here, can’t identify a feeling to match being okay with pain
A be gentle with myself, allow recovery time,
R recovery without beating myself up?