Hearing Urges (Not Feeling Them)

On the subject of feeling an urge:

I have been overeating for the past month and wrote myself a protocol, which I do not follow, as every single day I have morning urges to eat pastries and I obey them.

I was trying to see what is the benefit of taking the time to sit through the urge and let it process.
When I do that there’s a very subtle interruption in my bodily vibration.

My experience has been that what I feel most should actually be named HEAR. It’s mostly a growing urging chatter from my brain that offers me where to go to get the pastries and which ones to get and preferably do it ASAP.

And the more I sit, the more I hear also my commentary about these thoughts.
Like: “Oh no, when will these urges not show up anymore? Why do I have them again? I was doing so well until a month ago. I shouldn’t have had anything sweet, now I want it all the time…”

The bodily sensation doesn’t change much throughout the time I am sitting and watching that chatter.
But at some point it feels as if I must obey these thoughts.

So when you keep talking about feelings/emotions/sensations, I don’t experience them that much.
I am all in my head, hearing these thoughts.

What do I do then instead of insisting on feeling? Should I talk back to these thoughts and change them so I won’t obey them?