Heart attack

C: Had ECG at cardiologist after chest pains and it shows I probably have had a heart attack- awaiting further tests
T: I am very sick
T: I’m an idiot for ignoring the chest pain and assuming it was anxiety
T: I won’t be able to build my business and provide for my family
T: Everything is going to hell
T: I won’t see my kids grow up
T: I’ll have a stroke when they put in the stent
F: Depressed, terrified, or angry a myself, or calm and focused on solutions
A: watch netflix, read, cry, plan next steps- research (I’m a medical professional so I can read all the papers and best practice etc.)
R: ?
My models are mixed, I am terrified, grieving, out of my body, in control, all over the place. It’s been less than 24 hours since I was told the diagnosis.
I am a human having an understandable reaction, but I want to get to a more empowered and positive place. Maybe I’m rushing. I’m also allowing myself to weep.
What do you advise here? I am allowing the feelings but I also have small children who need me to be calm and in control, and they need me. I need to be well and around