Heavy Heart – Clarity?

Hi Brooke, I read a blog post today from someone. It asked the question in some form – Where do I need to pull the goalie in my life before it’s too late? My mind immediately went to my upcoming wedding. So I ask myself why and these are the thoughts that came up – Because I’m not ready. I use my fiancé to fill a void in my life. Singleness just for a while. I also have sat down and thought about my life and have asked myself the question – If I were to have a successful life being married or single, I would want to be married. Are there things I would love to do on my own? Yes, but there are so many other things I want to do with someone by my side. It brings up so much fear in me because of what I would go through to go back now and say no. Could you offer some insight? Much love <3