Heirlooms and keepsakes

Both my side of the fam and my hubbies’ are way into heirlooms and keepsakes. I am by far the least connected to “stuff” so I feel pretty great about that. I’m sure you would agree its okay to keep a few treasured items that have meaning, however. (right?)

For example I have this amazing cookie jar that was my great grandmother’s and some dessert plates from another grandmother. They are nicely displayed in my butler’s pantry. My question is, how does this fit into the three questions and where to draw the line? I have a bin of precious things from when my kids were babies. I have the outfit they each wore home from the hospital and one sweet homemade blanket for each.

There are so other things that start to get super hazy and I’m not sure where the line is (jewelry that was my mom’s, the cute block train from my son’s first birthday displayed in the gameroom, plus all the classic literature I’ve collected over the years). Please coach me on this issue. I am a minimalist over all and do not like clutter so I actually am really great at throwing things out. I am not overly emotionally attached to crap in my house. I just want to check in about it and hear your thoughts. Thanks, Brooke! My closets are all getting so clean and tidy! I love it.