Help 2 (reply)

so I started thinking why I wanted to get into the school
– I’m going to be one step closer to the job/passion I want to pursue
– more variety to my day
– new goal

– excited
– energetic
– curious

Ok, if I would feel that one it doesn’t feel as good as the other feelings when I just think about the circumstance.
Because these thoughts just pop up naturally.

I think that my biggest challenge here in scholars. I have a hard time believing that we should act like the person who already has the feelings.
You know why?
Because its acting. and I’m scared that its just “played” and one day it will all come crashing down and bite me in the ass.
Because if you play/act like someone just to get the feelings, are these true feelings?
Please be honest.

I would appreciate an answer that my brain will be convinced. Like a convincing argument. not just that I can decide whatever is true for me.
I truly want to believe what you are telling me but it’s hard to believe that.
Thanks so much!