Hi Brooke, please help with the overwhelm. Right now, I’m overwhelmed with my thoughts and everything that I need to work on. I’ve been in Scholars for a bit now, but lately I keep telling myself that in 2019 I want to do a model everyday so I feel more like I am making progress instead of spinning. I am getting married soon and have negative thoughts about that – how I don’t want it to look like my parents, how I’m not perfect, if I’m even ready to get married. I wanted to go into the new year working on people pleasing and self love, but I’m so confused on how to get there. I’m frustrated with myself that I keep spinning from one thing to the next. What can I do? Where do you suggest I start? A part of me wants to start with something that I know I can follow which is not overeating and work my way from there, but I feel like that’s not my biggest issue.