Help about family traveling

My family lives in NJ and I live in Florida. I stayed a week in NJ in early March just when the coronavirus was starting to be a concern in the US but no one realized what it would turn in to. My mom made plans to come visit us in April for week, and still wants to come.

She’s been talking about it and I’ve already hinted it wouldn’t be a good idea. She’s 59 and my dad is 66. She has cancer and is undergoing chemo, and has been for the last few years. I told her planes are not a good idea because a lot of people pass through the airport. Her argument has been that the planes wouldn’t be very full.

If she drove down, I told her that they’re stopping people at the Florida/Georgia border to take down information. She would have to self-quarantine for 14 days, meaning she’d be on lockdown at my house for 2 weeks because if she’s caught out, it could be a misdemeanor. She says she doesn’t mind staying in, she just wants to be near my husband and I and that she wouldn’t be able to stay long in July (when she comes every year) because she’s now pastoring a church. She’d said she’d probably stay for 2 weeks if she drove down now because church is closed.

Yesterday, she asked me to look more into what this self-isolation means. She said even if she has to walk to my house she’s getting here.

So here’s where I’m at:
– My husband and I are working from home and we live in a small house. Even though she said she wouldn’t mind if we continued working, I think it would interfere with our work.
– I’m starting a new online course on time management and wanted to fully dedicate to that for the 13 weeks it’s in session
– Part of me thinks the drive down is risky for them because of the risk of exposure and my mom’s condition and age and my dad’s age. The CDC has also told people from hot spots not to travel.
– But part of me wonders if they’d be safer here because there are fewer cases here. NJ is a hotspot. And if they do get sick, we have more resources. Cuomo has already said NY is short on respirators.

If it’s safer for them to come here, I’d want them here, and I’d work around the inconveniences. Even though they’d only be here for 2 weeks, it could make a difference because COVID-19 cases have been shooting up on a daily basis.

If it’s not safer, then I’d want them there.

I’m just not sure which is true? I want to make sure I’m deciding from a clean thought space. I asked myself if both were the right choices, which would I choose, but I’m still not sure.

How can I approach this?