Help breaking it down

Hello I am going through a breakup (day 2) that I don’t want to go through because the deep hurt is hard to feel, how negative my thoughts go about myself, and that I still want the person in my life (only because it feels good to not be alone and to have someone that will have your back in ways). I am doing the model and yet it is not sticking. I see a better thought to think and I will place that below but I am not seeing how to believe it. My mind races with so many other negative feelings and thoughts right now.

C After a year, he said he can’t do it anymore
T Something is wrong with me, I will never find anyone who will truly love me
F Unworthy, not normal
A Shame myself and go over in my head how I could have done better
R Hurt and further the cycle of no confidence.

*****NOW a turn around model with how I wish I felt

C After a year, he said he can’t do it anymore
T I was at my end as well, we are not wanting the same things right now. I want commitment he is not there yet
F Secure, Confident
A Healing and allowing my feelings because I’m not afraid of them
R Growth

How do I believe the healthier one? It is so much more natural and so many more thoughts confirm the top model versus the bottom.
Any support will be much appreciated.