Help for changing myself/2

Hi Brooke,
Here are the models you suggested I do: (not sure if the “C” is accurate though):
C: Encounters with people
T: I’m very sensitive
F: hurt
A: withdraw, become quiet – passive aggressive
R: disconnect with people

C: Encounter with boyfriend
T: He’s very loose with his words
F: Angry
A: Argue to prove my point
R: We stop seeing/talking to each other for days

C: My personality
T: I wish I were a different person
F: Regret/shame
A: Put myself down
R: No change in me other than becoming depressed

C: Encounters
T: Need to defend myself
F: arrogant, defensive, stubborn
A: Argue, have attitude and won’t change my stand or belief
R: No relationships

As I do these models, I see where my thinking is causing all my problems with relationships. What thoughts should I think to replace these destructive ones? I wonder where they came from; how I got to this point!?

So appreciate your help.
Thank you!