Help Creating New Feelings for a C Line

Hi Brooke –
Loving the program so far. Xo. Can you please help me with this challenge I’m having? How do you handle the day-to-day LIVING of it when you are creating awesome new model thoughts that are NOT at all what the current C line reality is? For example, as a biz owner, with a C-line of “Pipeline Not Full Enough to Cover Expenses Long Term.” I’ve done thought downloads like you teach and I’ve written new positive model thoughts that include “All businesses have ebb and flow cycles and my talented team and I are easily doing and focusing on all we can to refill the pipeline to great heights” or “I’ve always been super successful and have total faith that my pipeline is refilling thanks to my teams talent and focus as well as my own.” BUT…then in the moment-to-moment, day-to-day LIVING of it IN my office, or driving to a meeting, or at night after work hours, large doses of feelings like fear, sadness and dread come in. SO,do you just keep re-reading the new models over and over and over? Should I excuse myself during my work day when these feelings come in to go write out more thought downloads throughout he day as the negative feelings creep in? I am successfully hiding my feelings from my team, but my hubs sees them spill out at night. Is this normal…or am I crazy?I know there’s a solution here….I just haven’t hit it yet! Thanks Brooke! Xo