Help ending a relationship

Brooke, I have a man living in my house and I want to gently end this relationship and ask him to move out. I actually told him last week that I don’t really see a future for us and I think he should talk to his family about moving closer to them. I felt so proud of myself for finally speaking my truth (after months and months of silent agonizing over this decision).

The problem is that ever since, he has been acting more solicitous than ever and we haven’t said another word, as though we never had the conversation. I am continuing to treat him with kindness, although really I don’t want him here any more, and we’ve been proceeding as though things are normal. I suspect he hopes I’ll change my mind. But I really want my space and my life back.

If I press the issue I foresee drama, pain, anger, sadness, and all kinds of things I am clearly trying to avoid. I dread the fight and the energy it looks like it will entail to get this man out of my house. I have tried doing models, but all I end up with is that I’m not honoring myself and my own wishes out of fear.

Any help is much appreciated!