Help Family

Hi Brooke, thank you for your great SCS service.Even I am not new to this kind of practice, I always had physcologist in my life n learned a lot from them but I have changed a lot within past 4 months. I feel like I am able to see better the bigger picture of my life.
I have a question about my relationship with my sister, she is my younger sister,31y and she lives out of US. I always feel I am her mother n need to help her. But she doesn’t like it. Because I can see she is valuable and capable but she is stuck in many fears and doubts. She doesn’t like when I try to motivate her. So by default she refused everything I offer. I saw your video for this month، a client had the same issue with her sister n you said just step back n love her unlimitedly.
I started to do it. It is hard. When I think If she listen to you, I want to convince her to join SCS, since she loves to be a psychiclogist but it didn’t happen for her. I know if she can join SCS,she will be successful she is really good in this field n even she still has some problem with me but she worked on herself a lot, she took many workshops and read books in this regard continuously. If she will accept to join here her dream will come true. I am sure if someone else offer her the SCS , she will try it.So my question is, should I write the model for this or I should completely forget about helping her ?