Help finding a new thought

My unintentional model today was very informative! I realized that I was having one of those seemingly innocent thoughts that in reality doesn’t make me feel good!
I noticed that I would write: “I just need to do ….” but as I questioned myself I realized what I was actually saying is “I should be doing….” I am glad I now have noticed this tendency as it will make creating intentional thoughts easier in the future! 😀

I would like help with two things:
Do I need to clean up my results line? I feel like I have two thoughts going because I have the word “and” in the sentence and don’t know if that is okay.
Help to find a thought for my intentional model.

Unintentional Model:

C: IG 2020
T: I just need to do a better job. (I should be doing a better job.)
F: Judgemental
A: Criticize my lack of action and downplay any positive action I do take towards my goal. Keep spinning thoughts about how I am not taking any massive action. Not taking massive or even passive action towards my goal or if I do with less zeal. Begin to think thoughts that DO NOT promote self-love or acknowledgment of my achievements.
R:: I am unsatisfied and discontent with whatever progress I do make and get stuck in a cycle of redoing my work to make it better rather than moving on.

Intentional Model:

C: IG 2020
T: ?
F: Proud
A: I do daily homework and assignments. I take action towards my 25 fails. I research relevant information on the history of my product. I get as many contacts as I can. I ask questions about why they design their products that way that they do and the history behind their traditions.
R: I am proud of all the evidence I am creating that my goal will succeed and the results that I am producing towards my goal, even if they are small.