Help Finding New Thoughts about People Stuck in Their Story

Hi there,

I have a handful of loved ones who will repeat the same sentences, sentiments and stories about circumstances in their life. Listening to them (the circumstance) triggers thoughts that make me frustrated, angry, etc.

I know it’s my thoughts about this circumstance. I really have been working hard to bring awareness to my thoughts, understand why and also find new, intentional thoughts. I believe the why to my reaction is because I am so frustrated I am stuck in my stories in some parts of my life. So my unintentional thoughts have been uncovered, the ‘why’ has also been uncovered and now please please puhlease help me with some new thoughts.

C: loved one says words
T: Are you kidding me with this?
F: Angry
A: Get lost in my story about their story and spin in angry thoughts (It’s the same thing every time. I don’t want to listen to this. Etc.)
R: Stay lost in my story (unconscious) and frustrated

Options for intentional thoughts:
-The circumstance is not making me angry, my thoughts are
-These words are just a circumstance
-These are just Ts in his/her head
-This is their level of conscious awareness
-They are doing the best they can

These don’t move the needle too much in terms of my emotions. They bring me to a place of being neutral but I would prefer peace and acceptance. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for new thoughts?

C: loved one says words
F: peace, acceptance
A: listen with presence
R: stay present and am supportive through my loving presence (I debated leaving the R blank for this question, but opted to include a sample result with this caveat 🙂

Thank you! Thank you!