Help for Model for Mother

C – Mother calls and talks about food (either what she ate or what she’s excited about eating or what she just purchased) OR what someone else should be doing or not doing

T- She has so much free time and is choosing to focus on food and others instead of herself and getting her own weight off and living a big life that includes more than food and judgment

F – GUILTY (she’s my only parent living…Dad passed)

A – eat and talk about how she should be doing other things

R- I’m not living my bigger life

I see how my thoughts are evidence for my results
My challenge is creating an intentional model with the

R = Living my life at a healthy weight obsessed about LIFE and LOVE not food

A= the actions I would need to do that would be to follow my protocol even when Mother calls

F= ????

T= ?????

C= Mother calls and talks about food or what others should be doing

I need help bridging my thoughts and focusing on loving her without judgement as I listen to her talk about what annoys me