Help for the R line – trip to Koh Samui

Hi coaches,

I am not sure the result line here is correct:

C: Trip to Koh Samui for a certification
T: I don’t have enough money in my bank account and in future savings to finance it
F: Alarmed
A: I worry about my financial state, I blame myself for spending money on my hobbies, I tell myself I was delusional thinking I could have the money, I make the trip more important than it is, I elaborate easy options to finance it, which would decrease the quality of my life and be an obstacle to my longer term goal
R: I don’t invest myself enough in finding the money

I realize now that the sentence in the action line is also an interesting thought to explore and I could choose to think about the easy options in different terms. But for the time being, I’ll stick with that.

Thanks for your help!