Help getting back on protocol

I lost the bulk of my weight in 2018 with a LCS coach, and at that time, I really bought into following the protocol strictly. And I clearly got results. At the time, I decided to do some extra things thinking they would help me even more: for instance, I did 3X24 hr fasts per week and did not have a weekly joy eat, thinking a joy eat would set me back. When things plateaued last year, I worked with a different coach, and I started eating two meals a day and working in a weekly joy eat–interestingly my weight remained stable and I even lost a few pounds.

Throughout last year there were many off-plan periods- let’s say big trip, or holiday and I veered from my plan. No surprise that there has been about 5-10 addition pounds with those decisions.

I now want to get back to sticking to my protocol and what seems like a good plan for me is to go back to the 3X24 fasts, but to retain the joy eat.

The problem I am encountering is a lot of brain chatter about having more than just the one joy eat. I’m wanting a whole exception meal, or several other items during the week. In 2018 I never looked at that way as deprivation. But now, it seems like a hardship to going back to that level of constraint.

I know what I need to do to get back on track, I’m just trying to get my brain on board–any suggestions?