Help Getting out of his models?

Thanks in advance! This is my unintentional model and maybe I need to dedicate some time to reminding myself to stay out of my dear husband’s models. I recognize that I’m feeling as if there’s a “threat” to my career, but there really isn’t. Any suggestions on this model or for other questions I can ask myself are greatly appreciated!

C – husband and I moved our family here for my job 9 years ago, he says he doesn’t want to live here long term
T – his attitude/opinion about not wanting to live here is a problem for my career
F – gutted
A – I take his comments about where we live and him wanting to move personally; I wonder about how difficult it would be to shift my job; I assume he’s discounting how hard I’ve worked to get to this position in my career; I assume he’s discounting how I’ve been the primary caregiver to our kids while progressing in my career; I am impatient when he tries to talk about his feelings; I characterize him as “never satisfied”; I wish he’d manage his mind better; I react as if his discontent is a problem he’s asking me to solve
R – I make his words about his feelings a “threat” to my career in my mind