The help given to others on the live call helped me sort out my present issue, thank you.

Hi Brooke and hello SCS,
This is not so much a question as the closure of the subject I asked to be coached on. I was not one of the person live yesterday, but the coaching you offered to every scholar you spoke to helped me to solve my own issue:

Should I visit my parents (80+76) in June at the cost of 400$ and 4 days of my life?
(My relationship with them has been at worst inexistent- but resentful, and more recently, somewhere close to neutral. I live far from them and visited them a year ago).


C: Visit parents in June 400$ + 4 days
T: It is that much money and time out of my life.
F: Drained. Yäk…, unwilling
A: Can’t decide, keep time on making scenarios,
R: Spending my time now thinking about this and therefore out of my “Now” life (proves T)

C: Visit parents in June 400$ + 4 days
T: It’s the price to pay for not having remorses later if/when something happens to them
F: Resigned, forced against my will (pretty much the same as when they forced me to obey, except I do it to myself…)
A: Can’t decide, spend time telling myself to change my mental space
R: I am already having remorse about the time I spend right now on the issue

C: Visit parents in June 400$ + 4 days
T: I carry on my work moving towards unconditional love and I also get to meet my extended family
F: Feeling good and (almost) looking forward to it
A: I book my time and ticket
R: The time and money issue become fairly irrelevant, and I can concentrate now on what’s happening in my life today. I get to prepare my work so I cover for that time and most likely I will enjoy my stay.

My conclusion after yesterday’s coaching:
Pick the thought I can believe and that makes me feel good,
make a decision,
commit to it and
make it work out for me.

So I bought my ticket this morning.
Thank you 3>