Help! I am feeling the urge what do I do


So I really am having an urge to binge watch this series on Netflix. My decision is I can watch whatever I want as long as it is scheduled not to affect my normal life. I was originally not going to watch anything but I realised that not every time I watch something I am actually buffering. So yesterday I was not feeling like doing work and I was hard on myself and then as soon as I left work I put on a show that I kept watching as much as I could throughout the evening. This morning I realised that I was buffering and I realised that I don’t want to swear off watching Netflix but I do want to be aware when I have an urge and to make a conscious decision on how to proceed. So now I have an urge to get out of work early and just go and watch as many episodes as possible. I am not leaving work but this feels like I am back to square one. I use to obsess with food and now I am obsessing with this. I have made a decision to do my work and later watch one episode and to allow the urge which is very strong. Although I am doing all of this my mind just keeps coming back to it. I am obsessing. What do I do now?