Help me understand Brooke’s concept of "acting as if"

I’d like to expand my understanding of how to “act as if” when it comes to my goal of making $250,000 in 2022. I’ve repeatedly heard Brooke says she spends time contemplating questions like:
What would I be doing if I were currently making 100 million in one year versus what I am doing now while I am only making 35 million?
Would I do this thing I’m about to do if I were making 100 million?
Would I be making this decision if I were making 100 million?

My confusion is this. I’m currently working two part-time jobs in addition to coaching paying clients and working toward my goal of building my coaching business to the point of making $250,000 from coaching in 2022. If I ask myself questions like the ones above, the answer would be “hell no, I wouldn’t be working two part-time jobs in addition to coaching paying clients if I were making $250,000 per year from coaching,” but the fact of the matter is I only started working these two additional jobs because my coaching business wasn’t bringing in enough income to cover my bare-bones expenses.

How can I use the questions Brooke suggests to my advantage and to serve me when the answer is a resounding no? Do I quit the two extra jobs, go back to throwing all my efforts into building the coaching business even when I am not generating enough income and going into credit card debt just to buy food? What am I missing about this concept of thinking/acting as if?