Help with a model – death in the family.

I attended my aunt’s funeral today. She died suddenly several days after recovering from surgery and her doctors assured everyone she was doing fine. My cousin said today that my aunt had a bacterial infection that was never treated, and that caused her death.

I’m struggling with the R line on the models below – I don’t see how they prove the thought. This came out of my thought download & model homework today.

C: My aunt died.
T: She didn’t have to die.
F: powerless, depressed, exhausted
A: mope, buffer
R: I don’t take care of myself (? I don’t see how this proves the thought??)

C: My aunt died.
T: Her pain is over.
F: at peace
A: take care of myself, work through my pain.
R: my pain is taken care of, experienced, released.