Help with model, please?

I am working on last months podcast assignments and am in need of some help, please.
On the exercise for 172- past focus- on page 10, question 8—what would be a good plan for yourself if you were rejected? How could you prevent making it mean something that caused the feeling of rejection?…..I thought to answer the question with 2 models.
Unintentional is:

C- rejection
T – something is wrong with me
F- sad, helpless
A- give up, not bother with this any more
R- not appealing to anyone at all

As this would be an entirely new way of thinking for me I would like some help/feedback on the intentional model, please

C- rejection
T- you’ll be sorry you chose someone other than me
F- good riddance
A-live my dreams
R- amazing life with myself not relying on someone to make me feel complete.

Is that a good intentional model? In doing this, I realized that when i was rejected that is what I ended up doing. But it just took me a long time to figure out the t and f lines. (Many tearful nights). I faked it until I made it.

Thank you!