Help with model about work situation

Hi Brooke,
I would like help with this model about my work situation please, long story short, I quit my job 10 months ago to work from home on my own business. I love the flexibility of being able to work from home and set my own hours, and I love my work, but the income is low, it doesn’t even cover the cost of child care. I know that new businesses take time to get established, and I am fortunate that I have my husband’s income to cover day to day expenses. But I feel guilty that I am doing all this work with nothing to show for it and wonder if I should just give in and either go back to my traditional job (which honestly I hated) but it allowed me to contribute financially. Or just not work and be a stay at home mum (which while I love my children, I think would drive me mad!)
This is the model I have created, not sure where to take it from here so any input would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!
C: I have put my children in child care to work as an entrepreneur
T: I’m a failure because the money I am making isn’t even covering the cost of child care, so I should just give up and go back to a traditional job or be a stay at home mum
F: Guilty, depressed, unmotivated
A: buffering with food and social media
R: I resent my work and don’t enjoy it, so less work is being done, which means less opportunity to make money and thus perpetuates the cycle