Help narrowing down my coaching niche

Hi Brooke,
I am so excited to become a LCS coach and to meet you in September! I’m starting to think about my coaching niche and wanted to run it by you.

I’ve been on the road as a full-time RVer for just over 3 years and during that time I have struggled to find joy in my lifestyle AND to find a coach or therapist who really understood what I was going through. When it seems like you’re living the dream to everyone else, it can be hard to fess up to yourself that you’re kinda miserable. I reached a breaking point last fall when I started to think, “Seriously?!? Is this all life has to offer??” Through SCS I’ve coached myself to being really excited about life and I’d love to help other people in my community do that as well. So it seems I’m my own target market, but I’m not sure if I’m focused enough or if I’ll be offering a solution they’d pay for…

–Nomadic women in the US (maybe this should be specific to RVers?)
–Working age (likely 20’s-50’s)
–Been on the road 1+ years and have indefinite plans to stay on the road
–Have $$$ and want to pay for coaching (there’s a wide range of incomes on the road, so I think this will be ok)

Possible solution to offer: Help them figure out how to find fulfillment in life on the road.

After coaching awhile, I’d also like to offer group coaching and to setup RVing gatherings for the community I’ve created.

Some other solutions I could offer…
–I just lost 40 lbs thru SCS (yay!). I know others on the road struggle with weight and finding a balance with eating/drinking
–I was single when I started out and am now traveling and in a relationship with someone I met via online dating

I’ve been buffering with FB/Instagram and coaching myself through A LOT of negative thoughts around nailing down a niche. I’m feeling fear around putting myself out there in front of my peers and about telling people I’m going into coaching. This is where I’m getting stuck and not moving forward. I’m hoping that posting on here will help me move through the fear and get started on my business.

Thanks for your help! Lynn