Help narrowing purpose to one statement

Hi Brooke,
Here are my brainstorming ideas, some of which I’ve taken from you or others, because they resonated with me. I’d love your feedback about narrowing it down to one. Some are more general than others, so perhaps I pick one of those, or modify one, so that it can be applied to different areas of my life?
-I want to inspire others through inspiring myself
-I want to amaze myself by accomplishing things I previously thought I couldn’t
-I want to create something valuable
-I want to be a loving mom and wife
-I want to be the best of myself and inspire others to do the same
-I want to greet the world with curiosity, be open to learning from others and share what I’ve learned through example
-I want to be an example of what’s possible
-I want to be a successful entrepreneur
-I want to create a socially responsible business
Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Thank you!