Help! Need to find a positive or neutral intentional thought to counter the negative unintentional thought.

Hi Brooke,

I have been listening to the Podcasts for a while now and conceptually understand your lessons and model. This is my first month on the Self Coaching Scholars program have done my thought downloads for each day. However, the thought on Day 1 which I chose to do the CTFAR on (since it has been consuming me for days) still has me perplexed on how to identify what the intentional thought should be. To be more specific, the circumstance is “All Senior Management (my peers) are paid a lot more than me, and the IT guy who doesn’t have a team (I manage a team of 15), works less, and has achieved very little during the year received a significant amount more than I did,” and the thought is “I’m not paid fair.” Albeit, this could be perceived as ‘poor people problems’, but for a strong-minded very effective female in business (in a male dominating industry), this has manifested negative energy. Especially since my team and I have accomplished so much this year. I am trying to flip the switch and have a different thought, but its hard to rationalize. Unfortunately I see how people are compensated since I am in the Finance dept (I wish I didn’t, ignorance is bliss!), so I need to find resolution and train my thoughts to go elsewhere. Do you have any tricks or methods on assisting with the change of perspective?

I will also be available on all the calls.

Thank you!