Help on model for dealing with co-workers

Hi, I work with a large group of salespeople who, in my opinion, can be very difficult and demanding. I often find myself trying to avoid them (doesn’t work, bc it is my job to help them), or getting steamrolled by them, or getting very upset over my interactions with them, often to the point of tears. I love my job otherwise but not this part. I’m trying to think through ways to change my thoughts and therefore my results about these interaction. I worked on some models below, could you take a look and help me get there? Thank you!

C: Certain sales people contact me about an issue that is my job to help resolve.
T: He/she never follows process and is trying to bully me into giving them the answer they want to hear.
F: Annoyed? Resentful? Anxious? (I have trouble pinpointing this feeling)
A: Avoid their calls/texts, blame others as to why I can’t say yes to their request (i.e. Sorry, the CEO says no instead of owning it myself), cry, complain about them to co-workers and husband
R: Never get better at dealing with them.

Below is the result I WANT to get to. I think I need bridge thoughts to get here though. Something like “Sales is just doing their job, it is not personal. I am a person who can deal with aggressiveness and conflict if needed to do my job” ?

C: Certain sales people contact me about an issue that is my job to help resolve.
T: They are just doing their job? or I’d like to handle this interaction with minimal friction?
F: Competent? Optimistic? (not sure what this feeling should be)
A: I deal with them directly without avoidance, I do not worry about whether I am disappointing them, I do not take their aggressiveness personally.
R: I handle interactions with this group without frustration or anger.