Help on models

I am planning to relocate to another city. I don’t have much money. So I decided that I am going to find a job (to be financially stable and create a network) and work on my business in parallel.  I started applying for jobs. I have a strong education background which allows me to work as a manager for example.
When looking for jobs, either I applied :
– for ‘easy’ jobs that undervalue my skills with low salary.
– for jobs that match my education background with good salary
The idea is to get a job to have money coming in and in parallel continue my business.  So here are my models :

C :Applying for jobs that pay $1500
T: This undervalues my competencies
F: stupid (?)
A: Apply anyway, not convinced, having calls, not answering them, not networking to get the job
R: Wasting time applying for a job I don’t want, declining offers if I have any

C: Applying for manager level jobs
T: I won’t have time to work on my business in parallel
F: Defeated
A: Applying but not convinced. Networking but not happy if I get the job.
R: Wasting time applying instead of working on my business

Intentional models:
C: Applying for jobs that pay 1500 $
T: I will have money to relocate in the new city
F: safe (financially)
A: Apply
R: Get the job

This model seems to be what I want to believe. But I don’t, hard for me to work for a job that does not match my competencies and I am afraid I will get stuck in that job, not working on my biz and working there for many years with low salary.

C: Get a job at 1500 dollars
T: I will be stuck in that job for years
F: Afraid
A: Not applying or applying but not convinced. Not wanting the job
R: Not getting the job or refusing jobs

C: Get a job that pays $1500 in a bank
T: May be a good opportunity to get higher value jobs in the bank
F: Safe
A: Applying, still not convinced.
R: Getting a job and a salary, and may be a future with potential in the bank. Forgetting about my biz and not continuing it

C: Applying for jobs that pay $1500
T: I better apply for jobs that match my skills and pay more
F: ?
A: Apply for both type of jobs. Not wanting any of them
R: Letting the destiny decide when employers will call me

Maybe, I should believe this :

C: Having a job that pay $4000
T: Great money that will allow me to invest and develop my business in parallel
F: enthusiastic
A: Getting the job
R: Safe financially and continue my entrepreneurial project

( I think this is a great model to believe on). But my thought right now is that I need money asap so I can relocate no matter how much it is! (and then my mind circle again to the models above).

Hope it is clear.
Can you help please?

Nb : I have trouble defining my feelings. any tips on that?

Thank you.