Help on models


I currently live on a French island. I am not native from here, I planned to move back to France until I met my new bf who is from the island.
I decided to stay, to give the relationship a chance.
I would like your help in theses models.

C: Stay with my current bf
T: It means I have to stay in Martinique
F: not wanting to
A: Stay but not happy with my choice
R: Our relationship won’t work because I am not happy with the choice to stay here

C: Live in Martinique
T: I will be bored
F: bored
A: Not planning any activities. Not going to the beach, no cultural activities
R: My relationship with him won’t work if I am in that mood

C: Tell my BF that I want to leave the island
T: it means that our relationship comes to an end
F: Relieved
A: Begin a new start in my life
R: Move on to a new life : job, relationships etc.
— I was surprised by the feeling : relieved. Also my current thoughts are that I am not in love with him. I just like his company.
So I end up with this model

C: End relationship with bf
T: I am not satisfied anyway
F: Realist
A: Move to another part of my life
R: Aligned with the decisions I made before meeting him

I know that I can manage my thoughts to be happy here and continue my relationship with him. But should we follow our emotions when it tell us that we are not happy or we feel relieved? What do you think? any comments on my models?
Note that my bf told me that he is open to move from the island in the future.
I have been in a long relationship before him and sometimes I am still looking for my ex character in him. But it is not something that comes up in these model.