Help on the C line, models and future


I imagine the future a lot. So, I don’t know what to put on the C line.
Currently, I am living in my ex’s apartment and my country closed the borders due to covid.
I know that my models are not perfect, can you help please?

C Borders closed until jan 31st
T As soon as they open, I leave
F Anxious
A Stop my applications for jobs. Stop working my current clients. Check price tickets without buying it. Losing time checking if they open the borders.
R Losing time

C Stay in ex’s apartment (is this a C, what I can put here?)
T Will create a tenderness between us
F confused
A Interrogations in my head : should I come back with him? he is a good guy. Lying to my parents that I am staying in his place because I broke up with him. Doing activities with him, cook with him, going out with him etc.
R Ambigious relationship

C Don’t go to my country when they open the borders (this is not a C, I know, but what I can put related to my thoughts)
T My parents won’t understand my choice
F empathy
A Go anyway. Stay there, stuck there. Justify myself. Not applying. Arguments and moments of joy with my parents.
R Go even if I don’t want to

C Stay in my ex’s apartment (not a C line, cause it is in the future)
T I have my habits over here
F secured
A Apply, work on my business and then move to the country when I have a job
R Find a job and continue developing my business in peace

Thank you for your help.