Help with a past experience

I’d like to resolve a past experience at my previous job. I quit my job 2 months ago, because I was so unhappy more than 50% of the time. The reason I was so unhappy was because my manager would criticize me and praised other coworkers. I worked in an open space and others could see this going on. I tried to overcome the embarrassment by focusing on doing great work, and building good relationships with my co-workers. Even with all my efforts I didn’t feel support from my co-workers, and I was making mistakes on my work. I struggled with my self-confidence and felt the only answer was to leave. I’d like to resolve what happen here, so I don’t continue this same pattern in my next job.
I saw my co-workers as people who were more confident, open, comfortable expressing themselves, and made less mistakes. Whereas, I felt guarded and unable to be that open and expressive in an open area work environment. I’d like to find the reason I felt so inadequate, and how to brush off criticism when I have no friends around, and only my work to show for even when that is mediocre.
My thoughts fluctuated from people here don’t like me, we have little in common. To I’m a great asset, and I’m doing an outstanding job people can see that, and appreciate that about me.
The final breaking point for me was when two of my coworkers made fun of my laugh. Laughing is one of my ways to overcome pain, and feel joy. I thought what a shame others don’t like my laugh.