Help with thought pattern concerning son-in-law

Hi Brooke,
I watch my grandchildren 3 days a week to help my daughter and son-in-law and out of love.
I have a wonderful relationship with the children. (2 and 6)
My son-in-law is very strict and punishing with my grandchildren
My older grandson and sometimes the younger one cry when they know their father is going to pick them up.
My daughter is aware of the situation and has not told my son-in-law and tries to keep them at my house until she is off of work to avoid the situation. Sometimes he ends up coming to get the kids and they get scolded if they are crying.

She is now going for therapy with my older grandson. Not sure if her husband will participate he thinks it’s (not for him).
I am praying this will help the situation.

C- My grandson cries when his father is going to be picking him up after work.
T- My son-in-law is way too strict and has lofty expectations of his children.
R- Feel just terrible
This situation has really gone on for the last 4 years on and off.
I have tried to do the model with the intentional thought pattern but I am having difficulty
Would love some help with the thought line.

C- My grandson cries when his father picks him up
T- ?

Thank you so much!