Help tweaking money models

Working on this month’s topic of money and will appreciate some help tweaking these models. I did a TDL on “how do I feel about the money I make?” Thank you!

C my money/my wealth
T I set [specific] money goals and I achieved [this one] and am achieving [the others].
F successful (wealthy? is “wealthy” an emotion?)
A increase my confidence, make financial decisions confidently, set next goals, believe in myself
R I achieve money goals (I am wealthy?)

Some parts of my TDL were about my savings account – from $0 to 8 months’ expenses emergency fund based on setting the goal to do it. “Savings makes me feel wealthy.”

C $xx in savings
T Savings makes me feel wealthy (feeling in T – maybe I am building my savings?)
F secure (“secure” feels different from wealthy but I think I connect wealthy with security)
A keep adding to savings, set next savings/investment goals, continually evaluate expenses & spending and reduce/adjust
R I am wealthy?