Help with a a couple models

Usually I can do the models pretty well. I have some questions about these two though. Thanks!
C The dog chewed a hole in my chair
T That sucks
F annoyed
A Stew about it (think about it)
R ?
Is the result here that I annoy myself with my thoughts? Or I let the dog irritate me? Just wondering how it relates back to the thought. Maybe it’s I feel sucky …? Is the result sometimes just how you feel?

The intentional models might be:
C dog chewed hole in chair
T well, he’s just a dog
F nuetral
A ? try to fix the chair, or let it be
R ? I let him be what he is, a dog that sometimes chews stuff

I am bummed that there is a hole in my chair but this thought work has helped me already so much that I’m not angry, just annoyed and already moving to neutral. But I was having some trouble finding the results in my models today.