Help with a judgement model of a model

Hi, I need some help with the following two models please.
C -Task.
T – I don’t have enough time to get all the things done on my list
F -Frustrated
A – Working on the task, but have this ‘hum’ in the background of the thought that is in the T line. Don’t work efficiently and keep getting distracted by this thought.
R – The task takes longer.
So the R, proves the T.

But I have another model at the same time, which is:

C – Task. And having the thought “I don’t have enough time.”
T – I am useless for being unable to shut down the thought “I don’t have enough time”
F – Extremely frustrated.
A – Keep working on task, but can’t focus because am ‘hearing’ “I am useless” for thinking “I don’t have enough time.”
R – Task takes longer than normal.
And then because the task takes longer, this proves I am useless?

I am unsure about this model and would love some feedback please. I am unsure if I can put a thought in the C line, because usually we don’t do that, but isn’t the C here not just the task, but what I am thinking about my thinking?