Help with a model

Hello, I have trouble writing an unintentional model because I feel the result isn’t clearly related to the thought, therefore I might be confusing thoughts/mixing models.

The circumstance is that my neighbors had music on when I went to bed. My story about that is that my neighbors are constantly disturbing me at night with music and loud stomping and that I don’t get enough good sleep because of them. I get frustrated and anxious. My actions are that I am hyper-aware of their sounds, I concentrate on them, I get up and go to the kitchen to open the window to try to see if it’s really coming again from their apartment. The result is I don’t sleep and I thought loop on how miserable they make me and how I have to use earplugs every night even if it lowers considerably my sleep quality.

Here is where I think I mix models.

Last night at the end of my dinner, I had the urge to eat chocolate. I let the urge pass and went to bed. Then the neighbor situation happened. I got up and look through the window, by the kitchen, and I felt the urge again to have chocolate, this time linked with chasing the discomfort /feeling better. I had the chocolate. I felt really bad about myself for giving in (and of course even madder at the neighbors…).

What would he the model related to that?

C: There is music
T: They don’t let me sleep!
F: frustrated
A: I get up, I remember the chocolate and I eat it to try to feel better.
R: I still feel frustrated and now I feel bad about myself.

Am I mixing models?
Should eating the chocolate be a model of its own with “I ate chocolate” be the C?

Thank you for your help 🙂