Help With A Model

Hi Brooke,

I have decided to divorce my husband. It comes from a longtime work of loving everything that he is but choosing to leave anyway.
He is hurt by my decision and is falling into a depressed state of not being himself, eating badly, not exercising, and carrying the saddest face I’ve ever seen him with. He tells me he is like that because I want to leave.
I told him my decision can’t hurt him unless he thinks so but he doesn’t buy into what we know here on SCS.

When I run a model on this, he literally tells me he is hurt and disappointed, so that is not my interpretation, but what I consider a fact:

C= Husband is hurt that I want a divorce
T= I don’t want him to be hurt, maybe I should stay married to him
F= Disappointed, disempowered
A= Staying married
R= Not honoring my own decision

Intentional Model:

C= Husband is hurt that I want a divorce
T= I hope time will heal him and that he will find happiness again
F= Sad
A= Questioning my decision so he won’t be sad
R= Living out of alignment