Help with a model

Hi Brooke,

Often times my models seem to be a little off so hopefully you can provide some clarity for me.
I was in a yoga teacher weekend training and there was a fellow student that was behaving in a way that I had a lot of judgement about.

She said she was a psychotherapist which I guess I immediately had a manual for her. My manual says she should be mature, comfortable with herself, and have a high level of emotional intelligence. However, she argued with the teacher, talked over him when he was lecturing, continued to redirect the discussion to her beliefs which were off topic. I was getting annoyed because I couldn’t hear the teacher over her talking to the woman next to her and also because I didn’t pay to hear her I payed to hear the teacher.
I did a thought download and came up with this

C: Psychotherapist in my yoga training
T: She should have it together emotionally and behave like a mature adult
F: Angry
A: Judge her
R: I am more frustrated

C: Psychotherapist in yoga class
T: She is working through issues
F: Somewhat empathetic
A: Remain calm
R: ??

Yes I realize I am being highly judgemental and I would love to change that because it feels like shit for me.
I would like to think a thought that makes me feel compassion or at least neutral but
I am having trouble coming up with one.